GITR: Innovation as a Service

GITR brings 20 years of successful digital product creation from data to our clients

We co-create ideas to monetise your data: Our approach is to use Multi-Disciplinary thinking and cutting edge Data Science to enhance the value of your data. We bring these new ideas to life in less than 6 weeks and handle all the functions needed to get your PoC up and running.

Selected Case Studies

How we helped a Global Beverage Manufacturer and Market Research Company creating wining product formulations.

Context: The Beverage Manufacturer had a leading market share in the teens segment. A competitor had created a flavour which now was seriously threatening this position. They approached a market research company to test various options but couldn’t get the right feedback to sensory experts to create a winning formula. After many failed attempts our experts were invited in.

What we did: We analysed the clients problem, past research data and current solutions to understand the delivery gap and status quo. We then innovated a new method of research using an approach adopted from psychology as well as creating accompanying simulation software to solve this flavour testing problem. 

Result: Using this method and software the Beverage Manufacturer was a like to get precise feedback and innovate a new flavour which beat the competitor and helped them regain lost market share. The market research company created a new revenue stream for their business using this innovation.

How we helped a Local Consulting Company create 2.0 of their Pricing Product. 

Context: A local consulting company had a strong product offering in selling price consulting but more and more it was struggling to compete in the evolving market place of data driven decision making and global agreements. 

What we did: We took a multi-disciplinary approach to upgrading their offering for greater relevance and creating a distinct USP. After understanding their current solution and the offers from competitors we used a combination of behavioural economics and machine learning to improve the forecasting formulas and delivery mechanism of the business outputs. We were able to reuse their current pricing data, meaning this was a digital only changed to their business model which resulted in a more accurate and faster software based solution whilst not increasing costs or complexity of operations. 

Result: The new pricing software, based off their current data, enabled the expansion of their pricing practice and the retention of several key clients. 

Our Offering

Helping you create new Revenue Streams​

Data Assessment

GITR will assess the latent and future potential of your existing data. Generating a comprehensive and actionable report of potential new Revenue Streams.

Proof of Concept

Data monetisation PoC is manifested via a functional cloud app, using real science, which is ready to trial with your clients.

MVP Development

Our MPV development takes the PoC and creates an MPV which can scale across your client base to start generating revenue.